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Homilies :: Latin Rite

November 26, 2015

Thursday of the 34th Week in Ordinary Time

Dn 6: 12-28, Lk21/20-28

The Awaited Time

In today’s Gospel passage Jesus continues his prophecy of the end times. Here Jesus speaks of the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the world. “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by enemies you will know that its desolation is near.” The images used in the passage are mainly apocalyptic and from the Old Testament. He speaks of various apocalyptic and cataclysmic signs indicating the end of times. They need not be taken as exact foretelling of things to happen in future. They have similarities with the vision of Daniel of the Son of Man riding on a cloud with great power and glory.

These descriptions are to be taken as symbolic way of speaking. They are not intended to frighten us but they should fill us with hope and joy as we see at the end of the passage. For those who lead a wicked life these lines are sure to fill their hearts with apprehension and fear. But for a believer of Jesus, it will be the time to “stand up” and “lift up our heads.” For a person who leads a virtuous life trusting in the mercy of the Lord, these will be the signs for his eternal reward. The time will be near for us to take up our place in the ‘victory procession of the Lamb of God’. It will be a time of consolation and hope, pride and joy for the disciples of Jesus. The awaited time has come, ‘because the redemption is drawing near’.

So let us lead our life with this hope in our hearts that the master is coming to his disciples. Let us remain awake to receive the ‘bridegroom’. Let our life be one of awakening. Many live a life of slumber forgetting the basic Christian tenets. The glitter and glow of material wealth and worldly pleasures blind many. Today’s Gospel passage ends with a note of hope as we come to the end of the liturgical cycle also. Let us be reminded that we are not called to be doomed, nor are we called to be dooms day prophets. We are called to be men and women of hope.

Dr. Martin Mallathu CMI