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Homilies :: Latin Rite

May 5, 2015


Tuesday of the 5th week of Easter




Acts 14:19-28;

Psalm 145:10-13, 21;

John 14:27-31

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Real Peace




Once there was a photo printed in a newspaper that had won some international awards. It was the photo of a tiny bird. The bird is sitting in its cage made in the creek of a rock while there is tempest outside of its cage along with rain lashing against the cage. Added to it there was lightning flashing in the sky. Still the bird was sitting peacefully as if it enjoys a divine protection.



Jesus promises peace. Peace is the gift of Resurrected Jesus who extended peace more than once after the resurrection. But he reminds that this peace is different from what the world offers. Then what is it? The peace that Jesus gives us is the ‘experience of finding ourselves in the bosom of Heavenly Father.’ Jesus was inserting this message to the disciples when he reminded them not to be worried of the bread to eat and cloth to wear. One can be peaceful even at the face of hunger and nakedness if s/he can find place in the bosom of the Father. Jesus could sleep peacefully in the boat even though there was storm in the sea as he himself experienced ‘he and his Father’ are one.


 Unfortunately we have mistaken this peace with the peace that world offers even though they are totally different, as Jesus says.



 We bear injustice in the society in the name of maintaining peace in the society. The parents prefer to keep silence on the face of wrongs done by their children in the pretext of maintaining peace in the family. Husband and wife bear each other’s bad habits without taking effort to correct them in the name of peace. In the pretext of keeping peace in the society, the Church prefers to remain silent on the face of evils in the society and then lose its prophetic nature. In all these cases we are serving our own selfish purpose that does no good to others.



Real peace is to find ourselves in the bosom of Heavenly Father. Jesus could find that peace because he fulfilled the will of the Father throughout his life. The apostles too understood it and they were at peace even though they had been stoned that put them on the verge of death. Let us differentiate the peace that Jesus gives and that of this world. And hold on to the peace of Jesus.