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Homilies :: Latin Rite
The Second Week of Lent Download This Homily

March 2, 2015

Monday of the Second Week of Lent B



Dan 9:4b-10,

 Lk 6:36-38

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Merciful love is the nature of the heavenly Father




          Be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful. Mercy and forgiveness are the noblest expressions of love. They are the signs of the practicing love, love in action. Jesus reminds us that merciful love is the nature of the heavenly Father. As children of the heavenly Father we are destined to share in the same nature of God. But in reality we are far distanced from our ideal. The prayer of Daniel brings out the contrast between our reality and our ideal.

        On the one hand we see the steadfast love and faithfulness of God and on the other the human wickedness and rebellious nature. Daniel makes a sincere admission of the human frailty. To the Lord, belong righteousness, mercy and forgiveness, but to us confusion, disobedience and treachery. Accepting the human condition and confessing it with repentance is the first step towards a reformed life.



        Self-acceptance makes it conducive to accept others as they are with greater understanding and compassion. It is our judgmental behaviour that comes as a big hindrance to accept and understand others. We find fault with others easily. We find hundreds of reasons to justify ourselves and accuse others. We impose severe strictures on others and at the same time excuse ourselves for our failures. That is why Jesus tells us: Don’t judge others, forgive their shortcomings and be generous in giving.



        Let us consider this Lenten season as a God-given chance to do a thorough self-examination in the light of the Word of God.



Dr Sebastian Elavathingal  CMI