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Homilies :: Latin Rite
Saturday of the 21st Week in Ordinary Time Download This Homily

1 Cor 1: 26-31

Mt 25:14-30

Tailor-made offering

On my recent visit to Kerala, I happened to attend the blessing ceremony of Parish hall in our parish. During the function, there was garlanding of those people who had donated more than one lakh each for the construction. They were given mementos and had photo session with the Bishop. The poor, but donated in the denominations of thousands, were not at all mentioned. The contribution of the rich was seen as their generosity and is appreciated as their greatness.

On the contrary, God does not think so. He mandates everyone to give according to one’s capability to give as explained in the Parable of the Talents. He expects five talents from the one to whom the five is given but only one talent from the person whom only one is given.

God expects only two copper coins from the widow (Lk 21:1-4) but expects the whole of property from Ananias and Sapphira (Act 5:1-11).

Virgin Mary could afford to have doubts about the words of the Angel, but not Zachariah (Lk 1:5-17). Being a priest, Zachariah had been given more.

Peter had to confess his love for Jesus three times, where as Paul was not asked to do so even though he had persecuted Jesus (Act 9:1-9).

Being a Christian/Consecrated person we all are given more. Through various sacraments, through the reception of Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, and through the Church which is the mystical body of Jesus Christ, we are given many more graces than what the people around us have received. Therefore we are asked to offer God more.

Any offering made before God is in fact a tailor-made offering. It varies from person to person. And it depends upon the mere fact that how much we each one is given. If I was given more, I am supposed to offer more.

Fr. Johnson Bezalel CMI


Saint Monica

St Monica is a powerful symbol of endurance and constant prayer by which she could initiate the conversion of her son, Saint Augustine. When Augustine decided to teach rhetoric in Rome, Monica followed him. From Rome he moved to Milan where Monica befriended the great saintly Bishop Ambrose whose sanctity and eloquence helped Augustine for his conversion.

Monica had only one prayer, “My son, I had but only one desire in my life and that was to see you a Catholic”. Once Monica told Augustine, “Despise all that the world can offer you, in order to follow the Master, Jesus. Bury my body wherever you wish. All I ask is that you remember me at the altar of the Lord” (St Monica). After the conversion, Augustine wrote about his mother, “Never can I describe what her love was for me. By her glance as well as by her prayers, she raised my heart to God. If I am your child, O God, it is because you gave me such a wonderful mother”.

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Fr. James M L CMI

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