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Homilies :: Latin Rite

October 24, 2014

Friday of the 29th Week in the Ordinary Time A


Ephesians 4:1-6
Psalm 24:1-6
Luke 12:54-59


Daily Mass Reading Audio

Interpreting the Signs

In today’s Gospel Jesus reminds his hearers that they are able to read the signs of times in the nature.  Seeing the cloud people understand the coming of rain and the arrival of summer is predicted by the heat weave.  The problem is not that they were able to predict the natural phenomena, but the problem was the inability of their religious antenna to predict the arrival of the Kingdom of God in and through Jesus.  They failed to understand what was happening amidst them through the ministry of Jesus Christ.   They failed to take notice of the proximity of the kingdom.  So they failed to respond to it.  The response required was ‘conversion and faith in Jesus. This was the first message of Jesus when he said ‘Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand’.

It was not just their failure in the sense of their inability, but their neglect. Therefore Jesus calls their action as hypocrisy.  He tells, “you hypocrites, you know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and sky, but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?”

Today we have invested huge sum of both money and effort for developing technologies like satellites to help us predict the changes in weather.And they are really helping us.  The arrival of the cyclone hudhud was predicted well in advance, which enabled the governments to evacuate the people before its landfall. Yes we are taking extra step to develop various kinds of technologies to help us in all fields of our lives, but not in spiritual sphere.  How much time and effort do we invest in developing our spiritual lives? How sincere are in those efforts?

Dr Cyril Kuttiyanickal CMI