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Homilies :: Latin Rite

September 4, 2014

Thursday of the 22nd Week in the Ordinary Time A



1 Corinthians 3:18-23
Psalm 24:1-6
Luke 5:1-11


Daily Mass Reading Audio

Lord as Our Portion


When Peter obeyed the word of Jesus even though he had little hope of good catch, he got such a great catch that he had to get the help of his companions to pull it up and contain the fish in their boat. Peter realised that he is not worthy of such great catch and blessings of such a powerful master. His humility was well appreciated by the Master and he is called upon to be the catcher of men. Peter and his companions respond with total surrender to the Master. They leave the great catch they had just then, and follow the Master.

One’s obedience to the word of God even if one is not convinced of its effectiveness, would bring about an abundance of grace to the point that one would have to say Lord I am not worthy of this. The question is, are we ready to obey the word of God? Are we willing to follow the commandments given by the Lord? If we do this, great things will happen in our lives.

The greatness of Peter and his companions was that even when they got such a great catch, they were willing to give up everything to follow the Lord. They were convinced now that the Lord is their portion. Now the Lord will take care of their every want. For this, they were ever ready to give up a great catch which could have been the biggest catch in their entire life. And we know that they did not have to regret this decision in their life later. What are we ready to give up, for the Lord, for his kingdom? Do we want the Lord as our Portion as the Pandavas did with Srikrishana when the Kauravas chose Srikrishna’s army and weapons in Kurushektra (Battlefield)?

Fr. Paulson Muthipeedika CMI