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Homilies :: Latin Rite

October 10, 2015

Saturday of the 27th Week in the Ordinary Time B

Joel 4:12-21,

Lk 11:27-28

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Hearing the Word and Bearing the Son of God

The woman in the crowd raised her voice to praise the woman whose bore Jesus and nurtured him. She must have been so impressed with wonderful words and deeds of Jesus that she for a moment thought of the great woman who groomed her son to such an unparalleled perfection. She might have also imagined herself for a while to be the mother of such a great son like Jesus.

We also have our secret desire to associate ourselves with great, renowned personalities, whom we appreciate and adore. Sometimes we are secretly jealous of people who are in the lives of our heroes and heroines.  Often we forget the price they give to be in that position. It is not that easy and comfortable in reality as it appears to be from a distance.

The case of Mary, the envied mother of Jesus, is not different. She had to pay heavily for being the mother of a son like Jesus. Jesus was aware of it when he responded to the praising words of the woman in the crowd. What matters is not the title of the mother of Jesus, but how she attained her motherhood. Jesus would tell us: Not only Mary but also many others can claim to be blessed as his mother, provided they are willing to fulfil the will of God, by listening to his words and keeping them. He indicates by that to the way to a fruitful and blessed life. Every faithful hearer of the Word of God is called to bring forth the Son of God into the world. Ever attentive and obedient listener of the Word can become the mother of Jesus.

Dr. Sebastian Elavathingal CMI