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Homilies :: Latin Rite

1 AUGUST 2016

Eighteenth Monday of of ordinary time

Jer 28: 1-17

Mt 14: 13-21


Five Loaves and Two Fish



Jesus asks the disciples- ‘Give them something to eat yourselves’. The disciples are surprised. How to feed these five thousand people? They express their helplessness, “All we have with us is five loaves and two fish.” He says- ‘Bring them to me’. …Then the miracle happens.


When a difficult task is given to us we respond with a gasp. How can I do anything? I do not have the strength, the wisdom, the knowledge, the time, the ability.... I am so small … so unimportant. I simply cannot do what God asks. But God acts - and that is always the thing to note first. God blesses the seemingly insignificant supplies from which we can draw. And when God blesses, the extraordinary happens. God is constantly in the business of doing miracles. We marvel when 5000 are fed as though it is somehow unusual in terms of what God does. But in fact, God is doing it every day. Have you wondered from where do the provisions of the world come?


While St Teresa of Avila was starting new convents always she was questioned about the resources. Her response was- It’s true that I have only a few shillings. But a few shillings and Jesus with me Teresa will work miracles. He who has God finds himself lacking nothing: God alone suffices.


Our limited recourses, our limited talents, limited wisdom and knowledge, with His blessings will work wonders. Let God work a miracle with you today, take out the little that you have and hold it out to him…to raise, to thank, to break, to bless and to multiply…and to feed as many as he wants. 

Dr James M L CMI

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May God Bless you

Fr. James M L CMI

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